The best!!!!

Absolutely the best yorkie breeder, we got 2 beautiful yorkies last year(March and July 2020, the best experience since day one, Jennipher really care about her babies no matter how much time passes by, you can call/text her and she can guide you through any situation. I consider her part of our family and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a special baby.


Best yorkie and yorkie breeder!

We got our sweet baby from Jennipher after a bad experience with a different breeder and she was amazing! She answered all our questions, never pushed, and always gave us all the facts. She made us comfortable through the whole process and most importantly, we could see the love she has for all the babies! Our sweet baby exceeded our expectations, she has the best personality and health compared to any previous dog I’ve had! One of the things I love the most, is that even after months of getting our baby, she checks in to see how we’re all doing. I would definitely get another yorkie from Jennipher!


2 yorkies and we want more!!!

Being a yorkies lover and had yorkies all my life I know how important is to find the right breeder. I’ve discovered Jennifer on Puppy Find after months of research. When I saw Mocha, it was love ❤️ at first sight! He was so adorable with his little blue T-shirt and I just knew he is the one. When I first contacted Jennifer I give her a list of my questions and request for photos of the parents. She messaged me right away and asked me if I have t-cup yorkies before or any experience with small dogs. I was so happy that she asked, it shows me that she cares for her puppy. After few message exchange, we had scheduled a FaceTime which is a plus!! Bring Mocha was only 12 weeks old and so small she told me to wait for a month before she can release the puppy. She also recommended a fly nanny which we end up using! Best decision ever. Sorry if the review is getting long…after year and half with my Mocha. My husband and I decided to get another puppy! Of course we had to contact Jennifer because I know she has the best and cutest yorkies. We named our 2nd dog Chino! So now we have Mocha Chino! Maybe one day we will get a Latte ☺️ If you want to meet Mocha Chino look them up on IG @lovemovhachino and TikTok@lovemochaandchino

Rachel Song

Best Yorkies ever

I have purchased two dogs from Jennipher, Jennifer it’s really professional and sweet she always help me with all my questions , both of my dogs are super cute and healthy, I can wait to purchase another dog from Jennifer …


Best yorkie breeder!

We bought our sweet Georgia from Jennipher. She cares for her mommies while they are pregnant so they have healthy babies. She cares for the babies as her own children to make sure they are healthy. She truly goes above and beyond. The love she has for her babies shows in how healthy and beautiful they are. She socializes them so they are playful and not scared of people. Also, she doesn’t keep breeding her moms so they stay healthy. We love our baby and would get another one from her only!


The Best!

I waited 3 years to get my first yorkie from Jennipher and it was the best decision I made! Jennipher was very patient with me and helped my find the yorkie that was the right fit for my family and I. My sweet Coco is perfect! Not only is Coco beautiful but she is so smart, sweet, healthy, and loving! Jennipher’s yorkies are the most beautiful with the best personality. If I ever get another yorkie in the future it will be from Jennipher. Thank you so much Jennipher❤

Jennifer Ferreira

Over the moon 🌙

I’m so in love with my baby Koko!! She has brought so much love and joy to my family. Jennipher is the best breeder EVER, EVER!!!!!!! Don’t hesitate to adopt a baby from her 💕💕💕💕💕💕